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Interact and invest into Startups you believe in

We are connecting Crowd-/funding platforms, associations serving Startups (like Hubs, accelerators etc) and many additional data sources (like company register etc).
This allows us to provide relevant data & information and consolidated & smart overviews for you, creating transparency, process reliability and thereby more trust.

Mobirise Mobirise

Transparency & Increased Overviews

Find opportunities from various places & compare. With the 
“Smart finder”, supporting user specific criteria, Startups / Opportunities can get identified fast and efficient.
Similarly Startups are benefiting from features helping to find the right place for their next development step. 


Overview of Opportunities

Information about & for Startups

Mobirise Mobirise

Gain trust & process reliability

User specific alerts / news how the startup is progressing. Information sourced from many places to increase quality and depth of information.


Progress & Updates

through entire startup lifecycle

Mobirise Mobirise

Interact at eye level & partnering

An international community incl. matching intelligence. Many features to interact, engage and work together.


Startup Community

for Investors, Crowd and Startups


StartupSpider is only a portal, displaying investment opportunities on individual Crowd-/funding platforms. You cannot invest on StartupSpider. StartupSpider is only a technical enabler. In case you want to invest, Startups spider "guides" you to the individual Crowfunding platform in an efficient and a smooth way.
Beside huge opportunities investing involves risks, including loss of capital, illiquidity, lack of dividends and dilution, and should be done as part of a diversified portfolio. Please read the Risk Warnings on StartupSpider and also on the individual Crowdfunding platform before investing. Investments should only be made by investors who understand these risks. Tax treatment depends on individual circumstances and is subject to change in future.

This webpage is not intended to promote any individual investment opportunity and is not an offer to the public. The summary information provided about investment opportunities on this webpage is intended solely to demonstrate the types of investments available on the individual connected Crowd-/funding platform and any investment decision should be made on the basis of the full campaign. Full campaigns are available to investors who have become authorized to invest on the individual Crowdfunding platform. All investment activities take place within the location of the individual Crowd-/funding platform and any person resident apart should ensure that they are not subject to any local regulations before investing.

StartupSpider does not make investment recommendations to you. None of the communications from StartupSpider through this website or any other medium should be considered as an investment recommendation. Further, nothing on this website shall be considered as an offer to sell, or a solicitation of an offer to buy a respective security for a person in any jurisdiction to whom or in which such offer, solicitation or sale is unlawful. StartupSpider does not provide legal-, financial- or tax advice of any kind. If you have any questions with respect to legal-, financial- or tax matters relevant to your interactions with StartupSpider, you should consult a professional adviser.