Our diversity, respect of each other and the shared vision is our strength

Each management member comes with a unique set of knowledge, experience and skill set

Beatrice Kessler

CEO, founder, chairperson

20 years experience in banking-, exchange- & data business & project mgmt.

Andreas Fischer 

CTO, founder, deputy chairperson

25 years experience in Software development and managing distributed teams

Prof. Dr. Jörg Kessler

Board Member

Prof. at TH Ingolstadt & at RMIT, many startups experience & internat. network to universities

To increase our IT capacity, we work together with Inofinix. The two founders of Inofinix are not only part of the team, but also share and support our spirit & vision.

Shivappa Tangade

Technologist and founder of Inofinix

Ningappa Kamate

Geek, Technology evangelist, founder of Inofinix

...and many friends and other supporters...

In addition to the wider team, there is also another group of people, playing an important role. There are friends and fans supporting us since day one, in many ways. We would like to take the opportunity to thank you. You are AWESOME!