Pricing - what are the costs?

if "free", click- or monthly flat fee is applicable depends on the services you would like to use

StartupSpider is a platform where various type of people, organization, requirements and needs meet. To serve the different needs a large set of functionalities / services are supported, from simple community communication to data analytics (supported by our research team and onboarding of huge amount of data sources).

To address the different usage, a flexible pricing model is implemented. From basic access (which is for free), to data license-model, up to an experts-flat fee. For a better understanding of the services, please take a look at the service description. For very individual needs, we are also able to support you in your project (or analysis), together with our partners (see Project offering). 

Basic access

Get access to the community



  • Community access
  • User profile
  • Chat & interaction

Click fee

Benefit from special services "on demand"

per click


  • Community services
  • Adhoc report
  • Data alerts

Data license

Get access to data reports and analytics

per month


  • Cluster report
  • Innovation report
  • Excel / CSV


Get access to experts based on a flat fee setup

per month


  • Expert knowledge
  • Customized templates
  • Individual consulting

All prices are in CHF and without tax