Wow, Clip2Comic is great!

Clip2Comic is a great APP which allows you to create comic pictures out of normal pictures: Upload a picture, transform and edit …and store it!
We wanted to give our company diary a personal touch and not just use cold and high sophisticated pictures. The idea came up to make comic like pictures.

Until we found Clip2Comic we tried several things
• Creating comic by myself (the old fashion style) but this was too time consuming and I was not happy with the result (too much time went by till I painted and scribbled comics)
• So, I checked if there are tools which may help and generate comics. I tested several APPs. Either they were not useable (or extremely difficult) or the outcome was not convincing or I got completely spammed with promotions where I could not use the software at all (and after paying money to stop the spamming, I had to learn that the APP is just not good at all…)

Finally, I came across Clip2Comic, produced by Digital Masterpieces. This APP is different to everything else I tested and I am extremely surprised about the great comics it can do.
If you are interested in generating comic pictures, I can only recommend you to test it yourself. The pictures we are using in our Company Diary gives you already an idea what is doable. 

Digital Masterpieces are producing some other APPs like BeCasso and some others. Here I must admit that I did not try them out yet as I just became completely addicted to Clip2Comic!

Congratulation to Digital Masterpieces GmbH!