StartupSpider GmbH is born

We are very excited to announce that StartupSpider GmbH is now set up and published in the companies' register on the 22nd Jan 2019.
StartupSpider - THE Portal, connecting the Crowdfunding industry and customers. We live & strengthen Crowd-community AND increase transparency & efficiency for investors.

Investors benefit from getting access to many investment opportunities from various individual Crowdfunding platforms - with one account, presented in a standardized way. 
If an investor wants to invest this is smoothly processed on the individual corresponding crowdfunding platform, without additional efforts for the investor.

Why this portal?
Beatrice Kessler, CEO StartupSpider: <Some years ago I did some research in this field for my former employer. To better understand this market, I signed up with several existing platforms. If you just using one platform all is fine. If you use many (to increase diversity) you get over floated with emails, it becomes difficult to keep track what is happening on the individual platforms and, what bothers my most, it is very difficult to compare projects as each crowdfunding platform presents them slightly different. Transparency becomes challenging and there is a high market fragmentation. 
With StartupSpider we are addressing exactly these problems. Our vision goes even much further and addressing features which serves the social community layer (artificial intelligence, analytics, big data etc.)>.

Value for Crowdfunding platforms getting connected
Connected Crowdfunding platforms benefit from large customer base and volume. The prototype is in testing with the first Crowdfunding platforms.
In addition, StartupSpider maintains a member group. This allows Crowdfunding platforms to get access to working groups and achieved results (like centrally developed APIs, discuss regulatory issues etc.)

As a FinTech startup StartupSpider is in the luxury situation not to be bound to legacy systems. Andreas Fischer, CTO StartupSpider: <It is great what happened in the past years regarding technology stack offerings. Even as a small startup you can benefit from scalable, high quality solutions for a reasonable price. We have selected a host in Switzerland, which fulfils the "IT-Security Outsourcing-Requirements of the Swiss Federal Banking Commission (SFBC) and is conform with the <circular 2008/7 – “Outsouring banks”> from FINMA (Swiss regulator)>