Silence, but a lot of progress

The last couple of months we had to build the basis for the implementation of Version 1.0 of our platform.

The startup-clocks continuously ticks and I had continuously fear my feelings of “we are not progressing fast enough” might come through. We had to work very focused and long hours. This is also why you have heard not so much during this time from us. Sorry for that!

Allow me to give you a short summary of what we did / what we achieved
• Design the BOM (business object model) – data is our business and we need a clever model and setup to keep implementation easy and support flexibility
• Build up IT architecture design – what are our requirements, what layers do we need, for which parts can we use services or Open source-Code and what do we want to establish from scratch? Select hardware service provider…
• Write down the high-level features and create the mock-ups – to make sure implementation can be done very efficient and supports time to market
• Find the right IT partner
• …and some company tasks, which needs to be done and require more time as I like to spend on such items (e.g. find an insurer which offers a setup which works for startups like us – result: we went for Allianz).

As we were not fully staffed and I had to work many hours on my own (16-18 hours a day was not unusual – nobody wants this).

This changed mid-May… a bit more normal working hours, but most important Andreas is now 100% with StartupSpider (that’s so important for exchanging ideas) and our IT partner started. I am thankful about this. Also, all the puzzle pieces start to fit together.

The past 6 months required the power to hang on, but now we are getting rewarded for it. We make great progress! That’s a great feeling we wanted to share with you!