ONEdigiLTA - our IT partner

As a startup it is important to manage resources wisely.

For most businesses you need more resources than just the founder(s) and either you need to hire people, or you need to outsource certain parts or work together with others (e.g. IT partner). In many cases it makes a lot of sense (explicitly for startups) to outsource certain parts or have e.g. an IT partner (keep costs low, gain flexibility). But, if you outsource/partner make sure you select the right partner. In my project career I made many experiences working together with other companies and either it worked very well (like one team) or it gets very tiring.

Outsourcing or working with e.g. an IT partner is like a long-distance relationship – it can work very well, but it helps if the relationship has already a solid foundation and if both are willing to work on the relationship with the same commitment, shared values and engagement.

I am extremely happy, we decided for the right partner! People who know me, know how pushy/demanding I am. We just achieved together with our partner the first milestone - in time & quality. And we have fun working together! Many thanks to ONEdigiLTA!