Who are the two-crazy people behind StartupSpider? (1/2, for the introduction of Andreas please see #3)

Who I am? I am a creative and committed person with almost 20 years’ experience in the financial industry. If I would have lived in the 15th century I probably would have been on an explorer ship or at least this is what I would have tried (wished). 

Why an explorer ship? I believe that commitment, vision, believe, knowledge, natural curiosity, love of adventure and also “take a reality check” were key for such missions.
I believe in nowadays they are similar important in any kind of project and startups.

The “natural curiosity” probably explains my original interest in chemistry when I was a teenager. However, soon after I started my professional career as a chemical laboratory assistant I came in contact with programming (by accident). This first experiences with HTML / Java created a huge passion for IT. Also, I recognized, that I need training and education.

I was very lucky as in those years some of the big Swiss banks invested into education of programmers and I could join a one-year training as a PL1 programmer. I know nowadays you don’t read a lot of positive things about banks as they are under huge pressure. However, I am thankful that I got that chance at Credit Suisse. During the 10 years at CS I did several educations (NDS, MAS, PMI etc.) by which CS always supported me. This time at CS built the basis for becoming a senior project manager in the financial industry. What I am now doing for over 15 years, running business- and IT projects in banking sector, exchange (new business / trading models) and data vendor business (focus new regulatory solutions).

Managing projects in the financial industry is often quite abstract and it is important to me to spend time in nature doing sport (mountain biking, snowboarding, hiking and motocross) together with my partner.