Work life-balance?

Work life-balance? Let me be a bit provocative… Does it mean if you are working, you are not living? And living is only possible as long as you do not have to work?

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to say that everybody should work 7x24hours. But whatever you do, do it with 100%.

Mainly as a startup you have to do a lot of tasks you would not really add on your “hit-list” (as you are a handyman), but it is part of the game. And if I have to do it anyway, why not with some passion and a smile?

In the past years I became much more aware of my drivers, which makes me much clearer about the “what” and the “why” (Why am I doing something? For what do I want to spend the energy – what is getting in my focus?).  

I would like to invite you: Whatever you do today (if you are in meetings, if you are on holiday in a museum, it does not matter), do it with 100%. Become clear why you are doing it and focus. Smile and do it with passion. Do you feel a difference?