As a startup I must reflect continuously – validate & listen – adjust – reflect again….

Creating a startup is a big step. It is not just investing my personal savings from many years of working, it is also the money of my co-founder which is at risk, and also for the companies we work with it has a certain risk, as they put a lot of trust and energy into the whole undertaking…

I continuously ask myself “Are we on the right track”, “Do we plan for the right features”, “What do we need to adjust?”, “Is the market need really as high as expected?”. Even we are in contact with many (getting feedback and listen carefully), a lot of this questions will only get completely answered approximately one year after we are live…

In the past days I got several queries from startups which are asking for some overview - to understand which Crowdfunding platforms are out there and which one may fit best (based on their specific project idea and their needs e.g. financing type). This is exactly one of the features we are implementing.

The “Finder” – which will help Startups to find the Crowdfunding platform (or incubator) which fits best. Investors benefit from the “Finder” by getting an overview of which platform is focusing on specific startup-types and which investment-types they support (e.g. equity, convertibles?)
That startups already now reaching out to us and asking for this feature gives me a lot of trust that we are on the right track!

Reflect – validate & listen – adjust – reflect… the “startup-mantra”