A year ago, we started our adventure “StartupSpider”. We will open Beta-Version of StartupSpider for registration in the upcoming weeks (we will inform you).

It was a tough year, with a lot of ups and downs (the normal Startup-craziness).
- A day had never enough hours
- worries not progressing fast enough
- not enough resources
- we want to achieve MVP (Minimum valuable product) without external funding. We believe it is important being able to show an MVP and not talking about theoretical ideas scribbled down on a piece of paper. However, this approach creates also a huge pressure.

Without the support of our families & StartupSpider-community / friends – you – it would not have been possible.
- so many people who reached out to us and offered support
- friends our families encouraged us and gave us confidence
- people we did not know before shared with us their knowledge and learnings
- …

2020 also won’t be an easy year, as we start looking for investors and have planned several releases to generate more value for you. However, being now in the final stretch to open our application for registration is amazing and without the support of our families and friends – you – it would not have been possible.
…as some of you start early with the Christmas holiday, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a lot of rest and relaxation between Christmas and New Year.

We are looking forward to continuing our startup-journey in 2020, together with you!