Startup-Community and interaction - a key success factor for Startups

We are fully convinced that a Startup-Community, respectively the interaction within the community, is a key success factor for a startup (this is the reason why we are building up this digital platform).

However, we are realizing just now, that the demand / potential is even higher as we originally assumed. When we started, the main trigger was to allow the "Crowd" and investors to join the startups' journey. Of course we also saw the huge potential / benefit for startups. However, in the last months we recognized, the demand for startups is huge. Specially for startups in the early phase (pre-seed).
- Usually they are understaffed and the skills are focused around the product. However, a lot of additional skills are needed for managing the first phase successfully (e.g. business case calculation)
- Feedback from potential customers to shape the product
- The startup phase is NOT a walk in the part. Sometimes it helps to talk to people who went through the same or people who believe in us (have empathy)

...and the network. If you are not a spin-off, you usually start with no or not much contacts and network. You really depend on people who are willing to share their network with you.

But why should the community be willing to help you, without getting paid?

Honesty, trust and interaction - you need to give the Community the chance to join your startup journey. We are extremely thankful all these people, which have supported us in the past 12 months and still do!