"Tips & Tricks 4 Startups" - Topic: accident insurance

In Switzerland a company is obligated to have for its employees an accident insurance in place (law: UVG, 832.20). Usually up to 80% of the salary is covered (up to max. 148 kCHF, as of 2019).
The challenge is that many startups do not pay out salary in the first phase or a very small salary (to overcome the pre-seed phase). And 80% of zero is zero. As a founder you are running already many other risks. The question is therefore how to solve the “accident insurance”-problem, without adding additional and unnecessary risks.

We believe this topic is important enough to share our own lessons learned and why we have selected Allianz. Please check out “Tips & tricks 4 Startups – topic: accident insurance”. Going forward we will regularly share our experiences in regards specific startups topics and distribute “Tips & tricks 4 Startups” on our platform StartupSpider.