StartupSpider and daura co-operating by putting together their individual strength for further advance of the digitalisation of the Startup and SME Ecosystem

StartupSpider - the digital Marketplace for Startups - and daura - the digital equity platform for Switzerland – announcing their firm co-operation in the future. 

StartupSpider AG networks the fragmented and partly still analog Startup Ecosystem and continuously integrates important partners and platforms from all over Europe. The digital equity platform daura, focused on Swiss SMEs and start-ups, signed the StartupSpider participation agreement in May. StartupSpider and daura are thus joining forces and further advancing the digitalisation of the Ecosystem. Through the cooperation, investors benefit from the central overview and information about the companies on StartupSpider and can invest digitally via daura. The digital shares on daura offer investors completely new possibilities, for example, the simplified sale of shares before an actual exit, which leads to substantial higher liquidity of the investments.

Claudio Tognella, Partner and Key Account Manager of daura on the future partnership: "In this partnership, daura and StartupSpider combine their two networks and skills for an even bigger and more exciting Swiss Startup ecosystem".
Beatrice Kessler, CEO and founder of StartupSpider: "By networking with daura we achieve two strategic goals: our users gain access to a platform that enables completely new possibilities in the field of digitalized investments; and based on our international business we gain access to Switzerland".

About StartupSpider
StartupSpider is a digital marketplace for Startups, Investors & Innovation Enthusiasts; based on a novel business model. StartupSpider connects today's still fragmented, partly analogue startup sector, thanks to a combination of social community & data hub. Thus, StartupSpider enables interaction and partnerships at eye level between startups, investors, innovation researchers and people interested in innovation. At the same time, financing platforms and other data sources are connected. Through this, consolidation of information StartupSpider creates transparency, process security and creates trust. 

About daura
daura is the digital share platform for digital financing and investing in Swiss SMEs: thanks to blockchain technology, the share register is digitized with ease and capital increases are carried out quickly and inexpensively at a click of a button. Shares can now be fragmented and managed at very low cost allowing to engage employees and even clients as shareholders of the company. The digital share register always remains complete and up-to-date. Recently, general meetings can also be held digitally via daura. Investors registered on daura gain access to a whole world of investments in Swiss SMEs. The daura technology platform is operated entirely in Switzerland by Swisscom and Swiss Post. daura is a joint venture of the established and innovative Swiss partners Swisscom, SIX, Sygnum, Luka Müller (MME) and Christian Wenger (Wenger Vieli). 

 Beatrice Kessler, CEO StartupSpider AG, Pilatusstrasse 12, 8916 Jonen,,
 Claudio Tognella, Key Account- und Partner Manager daura ag, Konradstrasse 12, 8005 Zürich,,