Who are the two-crazy people behind StartupSpider? 
(2/2, for the introduction of Beatrice please see #2)

Who I am? I am a curious, passionate person with over 25 years’ experience of Software Engineering and Project Management in various industries.
I am fascinated by people who follow their vision and principles regardless of the resistance, derision or even violence they experience.
Beside courage a strong vision and believes is the foundation of building a company. Adding curiosity and there is the foundation for out of the box thinking and innovation to overcome setbacks and evolve our business.
I am not Benjamin Franklin who was an inventor and (co) founded a nation. But staying curious and living believes is important to me.
I am an engineer by training. As an engineer I aim for practical solutions. Striving for simplicity is my motto.
Right after my studies, I started with software development and developed into software engineering and software engineering consulting. At the turn of the millennium I conducted a post study in industrial engineering and management. Since then, I am engaged as project manager and / or line manager for various companies including a 9-year engagement with IBM. At IBM I got fascinated of organizing offshore projects and working with virtual teams.
But work is not all my live. I love my wife and my twin daughters. I still “fight” my piano and I enjoy sailing, especially sport catamarans.