One mirror for "today" one for "the future"

As a founder / startup you are in a tricky situation... on the one hand you continuously need so see the vision - how the product will look like, how it will capture the market... this is what you have to sell... to investors, to potential customers... and to your team! This steers and guides you... like a map / a compass.

On the other hand you have contentiously to challenge the status quo, to make adjustments and shape the idea... a map is not enough, you need to know where you are.

You need two mirrors...
1) The one for "today" (which gives you the very hard and unadorned feedback...)
2) The one showing "the future" (which shows you how it will look like - the vision...)

It is not always easy to maintain a balance. And sometimes it seems you have only one of the two mirrors... 

Over the past months, I learned that some people can help me to find the "today" mirror and others to find the "future" mirror... both is important!