Find our company name 1 / 3

To find a company name sounds very easy... at the beginning. We came up with several potential names, BUT
• Either one of us did not like it…
• Or we believed the customer may not like it…
• Or there is a company with a similar name or one which is too close...
• Or the domain was already registered and not available anymore...  which killed 90% of our ideas

Many domains which are based on terms which have a link to our business concept are not available. Why? Has the competitor situation changed? No. Most of those domains were just "blocked", but not used. Registering domains seems to be a business! There are companies who create / register domains just with the purpose to sell them for quite a price. There must be even machines creating such domain names, because some of the registered names just make no sense at all!!

“Blocking domains”, is this fair? It seems the industry starts to prevent this going forward or at least narrow it. Domains on .SWISS cannot be registered/blocked by Dick and Harry, but only if you are the owner of a company or a registered product with the same name  (according to the rules published on
There must be someone who has bugged out like me. This solution is great. In some years this current behavior may have changed due to this solution. Unfortunately, too late for us and we stuck with the name finding.