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Find a company name 2/3

Endless brainstorming sessions, contemplating ideas, discuss it and check domain availability AND does it still reflect our business idea? I am sure some startups already giving up during this phase as it also starts to test if you and your partner are able to come to agreements (not just giving in, but also come to an agreed solution)

We really tried a lot:
- Brainstorming…
- Systematical creation…
- A word (or combination of words) out of the slogan…
- Different name-types…

Are you familiar with the term “portmanteau”? A word or morpheme whose form and meaning are derived from a blending of two or more distinct forms (as smog from smoke and fog or Instagram from instant and telegram). But is it still pronounceable by all our customer groups which are in focus? I asked one of my LinkedIn contacts, as I liked his company name. His reply was very interesting as he would not choose the name again as he needs to spell it several times a day (not to their customers, but to their providers and business contacts).

I even tried out two software solutions which should help to create company names (It seems we are not the only ones struggling with this as there is even software for it). The result is not worth mentioning. The software did not help, at least not the ones I tried (who needs software which generates a name by simply combining words which you have provided? This kind of intelligence is even possible to achieve with excel - or pen and paper)

Using systematically different approaches to create and build a name shows how desperate we are already.

My learnings from this exercise
• There is no wrong or right (this is not math). Therefore, it needs much more dialog and discussions to agree on meanings and interpretations. And it is even influenced by your own values and own beliefs
• This process gives you the chance to grow together even closer as you learn a lot of each other
• It helps to involve people (friends, family, colleagues) and ask for feedback. You will get additional “flavors” and additional ideas. Don’t expect the solution (why should you? You are responsible, nobody else)
• It will trigger additional discussions about the business idea and concept, which is good
• You cannot enforce it. It takes time (not so easy for me, "being patient" is not one of my core competencies). We will get there...