Plan for the worst – “post office lost registered mail”

As mentioned in our Diary entry Nr8 we have to organize a couple of documents which are required for creating our company. This includes documents like confirmation of signature and passport authentication. Documents which you have to organize from various places and which you have to send in as original (you cannot send a copy).   

Our post office lost my registered mail
As we were already under time pressure, I sent those documents as registered letter and as express. I paid for both, but somehow the flag “express” was not set (which makes no difference as they lost the letter anyway).
The post office has a great online tool where you can track letters. As the status didn’t change to “letter delivered” I reached out to the Post office and after several calls and emails I had to learn that somehow right now they can’t find the letter anymore. I have to admit they were extremely friendly, but that didn’t solve my problem.
As I could not wait forever and hope for the best, I had no other chance than to organize all the documents again and send a second letter (and paid again 19CHF for registered, express letter).

By the way, also a month later the first letter is still lost and the online tool shows the 10 minutes they invested into an enquiry which confirmed “Consignment not delivered”. Somehow, I had the naïve expectation that a “registered mail” is treated somehow differently.

Plan for the worst
Once again in my life I had to accept that you have to plan for the worst. Mainly for such important milestones.